Aug15 2011 text

I’m at Paddle and Trail (7212 N Alpine Rd, Loves Park)

Aug14 2011 text

I’m at Gold’s Gym (735 N Water St, Water and mason, Milwaukee)

Aug12 2011 text

Could the secret service handle the @packers if things got out of hand at the white house? I have my doubts @PackersLounge

Aug9 2011 text

I’m at EE-Sane Thai-Lao Cuisine (1806 N Farwell Ave, Milwaukee)

Aug8 2011 text

Deep Fried PB&J on a Stick #statefair #foodporn

Aug7 2011 text

Busy weekend for hashtags in #mke! #statefair #airshow #rockerbox #summersizzle

Aug5 2011 text

I’m at Urban Island Beach Party w/ @jimhuntley

Aug4 2011 text

I’m at Pine Lake

Aug2 2011 text

RT @ohmyrockness: Thinking of taking the plunge and withdrawing $40 from the ATM instead of $20. Anyone have experience with this? What’ …

Jul8 2011 text

RT @StudioCityCat: Don’t worry guys, Casey Anthony will eventually go to jail for stealing back her sports memorabilia at gunpoint. Let …